The Rating of an animal harvest influences the obtained weapon score as well as the received money. It reflects how "well" the animal was hunted down. The rating is divided into 5 classes: None - Kill Score < 400. Bronze - Kill Score between 400 and 600. Silver - Kill Score between 600 and 800. .

TheHunter: Call of the Wild. [Open Beta] Animal Scoring 2.0. To make sure that our new Animal Scoring 2.0 is good and ready to be realease we're opening up our beta test again this weekend. Read all about how to participate here: TheHunter: Call of the Wild. January 30 at 8:00 AM · [COMPETITION] Join our Discord!

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The age of animal droppings could range from seconds ago to more than 31 minutes ago according to the in-game clock. No matter how old the droppings you find are in Call of the Wild, this guide can shed some light on just how close you are and how much time has passed since the animal dropped that deuce.

Mar 23, 2017 · How to master theHunter: Call of the Wild, as told by a real life hunter Don Rowe | Staff Writer Summer is over now and with the impending cold comes the roar, when deer go on heat and the stags ...

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The tracking skills are part of the game's Skill System. Tracking is the players ability to gather information from the tracks left by animals in the game. This includes things like, the approximate direction traveled and approximate location of a calling animal. As the player gain more experience more specific information can be gathered such as gender, weight and the age of the track.

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